Serocytotherapy represents the form of regulatory immune-therapy, which is based on the use of small doses containing antibodies – SEROCYTOL®. When SEROCYTOL® is applied repeatedly the immune-regulation starts again in specific body organs. 

SEROCYTOL® is produced in Switzerland and is not registered in the Czech Republic, but our doctor can prescribe the medical treatment with SEROCYTOL® and we will take care of importing  the medication through our partner pharmacy (aprox.1 week) and will also take care of all details regarding  the import process.

The basic indicator circuits, using this type of treatment, are:

  • Degenerative diseases
  • Dysfunction of neurovegetative nervous system (neurovegetative dystonia, etc.)
  • Chronic and recurrent infections (ORL, urinary tract, gynaecological inflammations)
  • Chronic inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) of various causes.
  • Chronic bowel disease (Crohn's disease, etc.)
  • Signs of emotional lability (neuro-vegetative dystonia, non-organic sleep disorders, neurasthenia and psychastenia, etc.).

The positive serocytotherapy effects were repeatedly proven both, basic and clinical research and in many studies. Serocytotherapy is very well accepted by adults, kids and seniors. Up to this day there are no reported contra-indications.

Our medical center is the only one in Czech republic that provides the specific immunotherapy using the Swiss preparation SEROCYTOL® , intended for the treatment of chronic and recurrent diseases.


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