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Obesity is wide spread in Europe and its health consequences are devastating for individuals (cardiovascular diseases, musculo-skeletal conditions, metabolic diseases – diabetes, gout, metabolic-resistance syndrome, affinity for Corona virus, etc.).

We work with a proven, safe and reliable weight management program within which the client can customize how quickly he or she wants to lose weight as well as how much he or she wants to spend per day according to his or hers budget. 

The VERY LOW CALORIE DIET (VLCD): The fastest, safest and easiest way to lose weight

We offer a highly effective, fast and healthy way of body-weight reduction using the protein diet (primarily MEDIDIET®), which consists of substituting "normal" meals with high-protein, low-fat and low-sugar meals. The Medidiet brand has only the best tasting products in the form of puddings, soups, omelettes, pancakes, pasta and more so that you can barely feel that you are on any diet at all. It is also very comfortable: the meals are easy to prepare and you always know what to eat. You never have to wonder if you are allowed to eat because the program is very clear on the matter. 

All reading materials are (if needed) available in english.

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Price per protein product: 60 - 70 Kč 
Price per 1st consultation with an english speaking Doctor (available for patients with health issues): 1000 Kč


How does choosing the actual meals work? Do you have them at your clinic or do I have to go buy them somewhere else? What flavors do you offer?

We have about 100 flavors in stock right at our clinic. You will be able to choose your meals directly with the help of a certified therapist, who will guide you so that you choose meals you will enjoy. As for what the flavors are, we offer:

  • Salty meals in the form of omelettes (bacon omelette, Mediterranean omelette, cheese omelette...), soups (chicken soup, creamy mushroom soup, vegetable soup, moroccan soup...) and various other dishes (spaghetti bolognese, pasta carbonara, chili con carne…), 
  • Sweet meals in the form of desserts (chocolate dessert, tiramisu dessert, stracciatella dessert...), pancakes (banana pancake, orange pancake...) and various breakfast meals (oatmeal with maple syrup, crunchy chocolate cereal…),
  • Bars of many shapes and types (cereal, chocolate, caramel, nut, berries and many, many more including waffles),
  • And other meals of varied flavors for every occasion!
Why is this diet so great that you prefer to use it as your main weight-loss method? 

We strongly believe the VLCD protein diet is the best way to lose weight due to several factors: 

  1. The products are high in protein. If you provide your body with sufficient quantities of good quality protein (through the protein diet), your body will only remove weight from your fat tissue. This cannot be achieved without proteins as the body primarily depletes its muscle tissue first when you lose weight through any other form of diet without sufficient protein quantities. We can measure this on the bioimpedance scale at the clinic.
  2. The protein present in our products is high quality. We work closely with our distributors and we know that our products follow the strictest European food quality standards. Also, the protein comes from soya, milk and peas. We do not distribute products with protein from animals, so our products are vegetarian friendly (except for those where it specifically states otherwise, such as the bacon omelette etc). 
  3. Our clients are not hungry during the diet. Proteins are very filling, so our clients do not experience hunger even when dieting. 
  4. We speak from experience. We helped many clients lose weight, ranging from 5kg to 150kg and we have seen people change their entire life, wardrobes and looks thanks to the weight loss. We simply know it's not only feasible, but easily done. 
How many kilos do you think I can lose during a week with Medidiet? 

This depends on several factors: your age, your initial weight, your previous history with dieting (some people who have dieted excessively develop the so-called "metabolic resistance syndrome" and have more difficulties in losing weight), your height compared to your weight etc. However, it is safe to say that you can lose between 2kg to 5kg per week with the program, especially during the strictest phase (4-5 protein meals a day). 

Won't I have the yo-yo effect once I lose so much weight so quickly? 

No, you will not. The program is specially designed for that purpose. First of all, the program is divided into 4 phases. You will lose the most weight in phase 1 and the least in phase 4. Your body needs to get used to your new weight and the various phases are here to help you adapt to the change most efficiently. Your certified nutritionist will also be there to help you with correcting your eating habits as well as working on the reason why you gained extra weight in first place. Keep in mind that most yo-yo effects are caused by people stopping their diet abruptly and only using their weight as their guidance. 

Talking about weight, is this diet safe? Won't losing these extra kilos have a negative effect on my health? 

The diet itself is perfectly safe once you follow the protocol. Our nutritionists and doctor are here to supervize you and offer immediate help if needed so that you are never in a situation where you might be doing something wrong. We also have a scale that measures your hydration levels as well as your muscle and fat tissues. Your goal is to lose weight from your fat tissue while preserving your muscles and we will make sure that happens.

How much does this program cost on average? 

It depends on how quickly you want to lose weight, if you have any restricting health issues (for example, patients with diabetes are only allowed 2 protein meals per day), what particular meals you choose (90% of our products cost 60 -70 CZK per product) and which of the 4 phases of the diet are you in (during phase 1, you eat 4-5 protein meals a day, during phase 2, you eat 3-4 protein meals a day, during phase 3, you eat 2-3 protein meals a day and during phase 4 you eat 1 protein meal a day). So for one week of the diet on the strictest phase, the financial investment will be around 1900 CZK/week. During the 4th phase, it will be around 500 CZK. Keep in mind you are literally grocery shopping at our clinic, as the only extra food you will have to buy during the 1st phase of the diet will be vegetables.


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Weight loss and Dietary Fees

Type and description of the examination Approx. duration Price (VAT incl.)
VLCD diet treatment prescribed by doctor (first appointment) 45 min. 1 000 Kč
Control examination made by doctor 20 min. 500 Kč
Elaboration of an individual diet program   750 Kč


Cancellation or change of the agreed date of the visit can be made free of charge (by phone or e-mail) up to 24 hours before the visit. Otherwise, we will charge a fee of 50% of the price of the canceled or rescheduled consultation on the next visit. In case of unexcused absence, we will charge a full consultation fee.

Thank you for your understanding.

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