We provide homeopathy counseling aimed on supportive therapy of acute and chronic diseases. The homeopathic medications are provided through our partner pharmacy.

What homeopathy is and what could homeopathy cure?

Homeopathy is a healing treatment based on the similarity phenomenon (similia similibus curantur – „likes are cured by likes“). The diseased person is being cured by the same substance, that would cause the similar (homoios) „suffering“ (pathos) when given to the healthy person. The founder of modern medical homeopathy is Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (*1755 in Meißen, †1843 in Paris).

Homeopathy medicaments come from various, natural raw materials (plants, mineral, materials of animal origin) and during the preparation are diluted repeatedly and „dynamized“. At the final stage there is almost no evidence of the formal material. Therefore homeopathy is a very safe therapeutic method with no side effects, in pharmacological terms. In Europe, homeopathy is the most wide-spread form of alternative medicine. This type of treatment is suitable for kids, adults and even animals.

In general we could state that homeopathy could be used to heal almost all kinds of common diseases either as a single therapy or a supportive treatment.




Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Method of preparation of homeopathic medicine (so-called dilution and dynamization)


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Miloš Rýc M.D.

Member of the Czech and French Medical Chambers, graduate of a three-year postgraduate educational cycle focused on medical homeopathy, organized by the Institut Homéopathique Scientifique in Paris.

Languages spoken: Czech - French - English - Russian


Milos RYC M.D.

  • A doctor with homeopathic erudition, 30 years of homeopathic practice and a homeopathic view of understanding diseases
  • Author and translator of many textbooks and popularization manuals on homeopathic treatment for doctors, pharmacists and the general public.
  • Author of hundreds of articles on homeopathy, holder of hundreds of popularization and professional lectures (seminars, colloquia, congresses,…).
  • Founder and active official in a number of organizations at home and abroad (Czech-Moravian Homeopathic Society, Homeopathic Society of the Czech Medical Association JEP, Czech Homeopathic Chamber, World Homeopathic Organization / OMHI /, head of the Homeopathy Subdepartment at the Institute for Further Education of Healthcare Workers / IDVPZ in Prague/ , etc).
  • Long-term head of teaching the subject of Homeopathic preparations at the Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University in Brno. Long-term tribal lecturer at the Institute of Scientific Homeopathy (I.H.S.) in Paris.
  • President and Vice President of International Congresses on Homeopathic Medicine (Prague, Paris, Monaco, etc.).
  • After 1989, he modestly contributed to the renaissance of homeopathy in Czechoslovakia.
  • At present, he is only a practicing physician using homeopathy wherever it gives him medical meaning and where he does not know a more effective way to solve a health problem of a particular patient.


Homeopathy examination fees

Type and description of the examination Approx. duration Price (VAT incl.)
Complex homeopathic treatment
(usually the initial examination or the examination after a long period of time / involving crucial health condition changes)
60 mins 2 900 Kč
Targeted homeophatic treatment
(the examination is usually connected to the changes in medical treatment or to the health condition changes)
30 mins 1 250 Kč
Control homeopathic treatment
(routine control examination)
20 mins 500 Kč
Consultancy when acute condition occurs (just for our patients)   free of charge
Note: The prices for homeopatic treatment do not include prices of the homeophatic drugs.


Cancellation or change of the agreed date of the visit can be made free of charge (by phone or e-mail) up to 24 hours before the visit. Otherwise, we will charge a fee of 50% of the price of the canceled or rescheduled consultation on the next visit. In case of unexcused absence, we will charge a full consultation fee.

Thank you for your understanding.

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