Nutrition therapy and Nutrition prevention


The effort of the nutritional therapist is to evaluate the extent to which a particular patient is involved in the development of his chronic disease (or problems or "ordinary" health discomfort) with long-neglected cellular dysharmonia, which in turn causes chronic diseases (such as osteoporosis due to long-term hyperacidity of the body, mood swings due to overuse of fast sugars, depression due to lack of omega acids in the diet, recurrent infectious diseases due to neglected bowel care, etc.).

In addition to a carefully taken history, the metabolic profile can be used to meet this goal thanks to the PARDON® expert program, based on which the patient learns which biological terrain is imbalanced in his case and suggests ways to normalize it, usually by:

  • changes in eating habits (not eating what is harmful, eating what is good)
  • lifestyle changes (not exposing the organism to all types of smog, toxic substances, increasing regular physical activity)
  • monthly detoxification and two-month restructuring treatments using suitable nutritional products





Modern nutritional therapy has defined 6 basic metabolic terrains, the imbalance of which leads to the emergence of most chronic and civilizational diseases.

  • Terrain P (prediabetic) - characterized by long-term overuse of so-called fast sugars (headaches, mood swings, emotional hypersensitivity, overweight, dizziness, asthenia, prediabetes, etc.)
  • Terrain A (acidic, acidified) - characterized by long-term consumption of an acidifying diet (demineralization, osteoporosis, diseases of joints and tendons, chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes, etc.)
  • Terrain R (carcinogenic) - characterized by long-term exposure to harmful substances (such as heavy metals or pesticides), food degraded by food additives that form so-called chelates with trace elements and thus exclude them from use in enzymatic processes, electromagnetic smog, alcohol abuse, acidification , long-term deficiency of bioavailable vitamins in the diet, etc.
  • Terrain D (dyspeptic) - characterized by a malfunctioning digestive tract (intestinal passage disorders, dyspeptic problems, unsatisfactory liver tests, recurrent infections, allergic diseases (!), Asthma, ...)
  • Terrain O (oxidized) - characterized by excessive production of free oxygen radicals and their insufficient neutralization with all medical consequences (autoimmune and degenerative diseases, manifestations of premature aging, chronic inflammation, etc.), as well as the consequence of tobacco overuse and polypragmatism - and associated excessive free radicals (cardiovascular disease, high blood fat, overweight and obesity, etc.)
  • Terrain N (neurodystonic) - characterized by long-term exposure to stressors, usually in predisposed individuals (chronic fatigue syndrome, nervousness, anxiety-depressive tuning, psychosomatic diseases, sleep disorders, tendency to spasmophilia,…)



The PARDON® expert program is most reliably used to determine the imbalance in clinical practice.

By analyzing eating habits based on completed questionnaires, the program is able to determine with admirable accuracy not only the type of biological terrain in imbalance, but also to "guess" what health problems the patient has suffered for a long time.

According to the obtained results, the therapist proposes a correction using a three-month peel with appropriate nutrients, changes in eating habits and lifestyle.


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Nutritional therapy is not opposed to any other type of medicine unless it is the cause of the patient's condition. It offers the chronically ill a very interesting opportunity to alleviate their problems where classical medicine offers only "maintenance" medication without colliding with school (or other) medicine.

It is based on the latest knowledge about cell biochemistry and is performed by erudite therapists. Patients thus have care at a high professional level.

Due to the fact that it tries to correct the manifestations of chronic and recurrent health problems, which usually preceeds with long years of neglecting cell balance, the results cannot be expected immediately. At least a three-month time interval is required for the first evaluation of the beneficial effect of nutritional therapy. But patience is definitely worth it!



MUDr. Miloš Rýc

Holder of a functional license of the Czech Medical Chamber for the field of Artificial Nutrition and Metabolic Care

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Initial consultation with physician, including determination and analysis of the metabolic profile 45 min. 1 000 Kč
Follow-up consultation with a doctor 20 min. 500 Kč


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