We provide comprehensive neurological care for adults, focusing on the following areas:

  • Degenerative processes of the nervous system (multiple sclerosis, etc.)
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Epilepsy and epileptiform manifestations
  • Cognitive disorders (memory, concentration, Alzheimer's and non-alzheimer's dementia, etc.)
  • Prevention and early diagnosis of stroke
  • Borderline disorders at the interface between psychiatry and neurology
  • Parkinson's disease and parkinsonism
  • Diagnosis and treatment of tremor, dizziness, restless legs syndrome, etc.

The session takes place in a quiet and pleasant office, in the very heart of the Hartig Palace, where Tomas Garrigue Masaryk lived for 10 years. At the first session, the doctor will listen to you and recommend the best treatment. You will not be waiting for hours in a crowded waiting room, we always try to be as on time as possible. The doctor will only ever attend to you for as long as necessary and you can share any concerns or fears with him.

Our services are often sought out by patients who wish to remain anonymous with their neurological care, or those for whom neurological treatment could be a professional complication.

Before we resort to prescribing conventional neurological drugs, we always try to solve the problem "non-chemically" first, of course only in cases where prescription drugs are not the first choice treatment or in cases where the patient does not tolerate conventional treatment (for example, because of adverse side effects of the drugs, etc.).

For this purpose, we have several types of therapy available from the kitchen of alternative medicine (homeopathy, herbalism and diet therapy, etc.).


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Comprehensive neurological and psychiatric care not covered by domestic health insurance companies is provided by:

Zdenek Holoubek

MUDr. Zdeněk Holoubek

Neurologist and Psychiatrist, holder of the license of the Czech Medical Chamber for Neurology and Psychiatry Member of the Czech Medical Chamber

Language skills: Czech - English - Russian

Professional profile can be downloaded

We provide this service in Czech, English and Russian.


Price list of examination

Description of the examination

Orientation time

Price incl. VAT

Initial consultation with a doctor (usually the first examination or an examination after a long period of time or a major change in health) in Czech, English or Russian

45-60 min.

3 900 Kč

Follow-up consultation with a doctor

20-30 min

2 500 Kč

Acute crisis intervention with our client outside our office without an appointment (only in Prague)


5 000 Kč

Issuing a regular receipt


900 Kč

Issuing a detailed medical report


2 500 Kč

As part of the direct payment for the examination, the patient has the option, without any further payment, to contact the doctor at any time by e-mail or telephone. The receptionist will pass on the message immediately and the doctor will contact the patient as soon as possible.


Important notice

Cancellations or changes to the appointment can be made free of charge (by phone or email) up to 24 hours before the appointment. Otherwise, we will charge a fee of 50% of the price of the cancelled or rescheduled consultation at the next visit. In the event of an unexcused absence, we will charge the full consultation fee.

Thank you for your understanding.



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