We offer complex manual lympathic drainage massages.


Lymphatic drainage massages help with a variety of unpleasant feelings and medical conditions. A typical symptom of the lympathic system not working properly is the swelling of legs, feet or other body parts, chronic tiredness, headaches, but sometimes also a higher tendency to catch infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract, such as tonsillitis, flu, nasopharyngitis, etc.

Conditions that lymphatic drainage massages deal with efficiently: lymphedema, posttrauamtic states, varicose veins, diabetes, obesity, liposuction, migraines, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, stroke, surgeries of the locomotor system, liposuction, acne, general detoxification, to increase the immune system, during sedentary work, swelling, after intense sport activities, chronic fatigue, high tendency to contract upper respiratory tract diseases, cellulite, facial swelling of the eyelids, pouches under the eyes and aesthetically unpleasant chin (double chin).

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Irena Průchová DiS.

A nurse who specializes in lymphology. She is a graduate of the nutrition course at VŠCHT in Prague and many specialized courses in the field of fyziotherapy. She is a member of the American Lymphology Association LANA.

Languages spoken: english, czech

All of our lymphatic drainage massages are manual! The results with the lymphatic drainage machine are never as good as with the manual massage.


Lymphatic drainage massages

Type and description of the examination Lenght Price incl. VAT
Manual lymphatic drainages. They always cover a basic neck treatment, which allows the lymphatic system to circulate.    
Lymph drainage of face 45 min 450 Kč
Upper body part (chest, upper limbs, face, hairline)
Lower body part (belly, buttocks, hips, lower limbs)
60 min 750 Kč
Lymph drainage of the whole body 90 min 1 050 Kč


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