Body-weight reduction

Over-weight and obesity in Europe is wide spread. The health consequences are devastating for individuals (cardiovascular disease, musculo-skeletal conditions, metabolic disease – diabetes, gout, metabolic-resistance syndrome, etc.).

We offer complex and also individual care of over-weight clients. A Client can choose between a complex service in a form of a „package“(suitable and worthy especially for difficult forms of  obesity) or individual consultation with a medic – nutritionist (suitable for light forms of obesity. Single individual consultations are also available.

Complex weight reduction programs for patients with (morbid) obesity:
We offer a highly effective, fast and healthy way of body-weight reduction using protein diet (MEDIDIET) form of package.


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Package price: 2 490 CZK (3 months maximum) *
Unlimited number of visits!

Please note: The protein meals have an extra charge. For further information please contact the reception desk.


* our services could be paid by the Benefit Plus service

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