Bioresonance is based on biophysical principals, that every living unit (human organism body cell, virus, bacteria, mold,…), as well as lifeless particles (toxins, nicotine, pollen, allergens,…), have their specific wave character which radiate electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency, which can be measured and could be specific for a certain entity.

This might be used both in diagnostics or in medical treatment. Due to the bioresonance apparatus – BICOM, we are able not only to find the harmful entity, but also to re-harmonize the dysfunctional entity and erase the bad pathogens from a body, therefore treating the human organism gently and not in any drastic way. We also optimize self auto-immune abilities of an organism and strengthen its inborn/natural defenses.  

Thanks to the purification of intercellular space there´s optimal „communication“ between single cells therefore improvement of our physical and psychic condition.

Bioresonance could be used as a supportive treatment of:

  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Depressive moods and loss of enthusiasm for life
  • Quitting smoking
  • Correction of uncontrollable appetite for sweets, alcohol,...(cravings)


Bioresonance BICOM fees *

Type and description of the examination Approx. duration Price (VAT incl.)
Basic harmonization + complex diagnostics, detoxification, blockage removal approx. 120 min  
adult   1 700 CZK
junior 13-18 yrs. old   1 500 CZK
child up to 12 yrs. old   1 300 CZK
Follow up - harmonization + control diagnostics, blockage treatment approx. 60 min  
adult   850 CZK
junior 13-18 yrs. old   800 CZK
child up to 12 yrs. old   750 CZK
Chip (helps to extend the effect of the bioresonance session)   200 CZK
Favorable programs:    
Psychic personality harmonization + therapy focused on disfunctional relationships approx. 90 min 1 200 CZK
Follow up control session   600 CZK
Anti-stress therapy approx. 60 min 900 CZK
Anti-nicotine therapy - basic (chip incl.)   1 300 CZK
Body weight reduction 60 - 90 min 1000 - 1500 CZK

* our services could be paid by Benefit Plus program

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